Frits Drost – Vice President Corporate ICT Robeco

“Leo is a very experienced and successful project manager, able to manage IT projects with
technological challenges. Even in complex environments and with many challenges, he is able
to deliver the requested deliverables on time within the budget. He never gives up at setbacks.
He simply fulfils promises he make. He is pragmatic and creative in finding suitable solutions
as well as countermeasures for risks and issues.
Besides being a project manager Leo is an entrepreneur and looking for opportunities
where he can add value and contribute.
LinkedIn, October 5, 2011

Wim Warbout – Program manager HP

“Leo is a great project manager to work with. He is highly focussed on delivering according
or even above expections and agreements and putting positive energy in motivating his team.
Towards supplier(s) Leo is seeking and maintaining a high level of cooperation which includes
a good balance between pragmatism and formalities.”
LinkedIn, October 3, 2011

Nick Geijs – Project manager HP

“During the past year I’ve worked together with Leo on serveral Robeco projects:
• Robeco disaster/recovery with Coin
• 3rd party migration (including implementation of a new Reuters solution)
Leo was my Robeco counterpart and the overall lead of these projects. I have to say
it was a pleasure to work with Leo because on all 3 projects Leo has shown the necessary effort,
drive and maturity to lead! Leo is always able to keep the focus on a project when it tends to slip.
Besides that his meeting and follow-up skills are remarkable.
Because of these assets we were able to book the necessary progress week after week!
When a project does tend to slip, Leo was prepared to go the extra mile! Together with our teams
we successfully went through a lot of long change weekends, using efficient web collaboration tools.
The changes during these weekends were very critical for both Robeco (customer) and HP (supplier).
Both as a person as well as a senior project manager I highly recommand Leo”
LinkedIn, September 27, 2011

Thijs van Koppen – CIO Robeco

“I’ve worked with Leo on the project to implement IP telephony at Robeco. I’ve experienced Leo
as a very dedicated and hands-on project manager who focusses on delivering project results.
In this project he succesfully replaced the old telephony envrionment by IP telephony
and made sure that the anticipated savings were realized.”
LinkedIn, August 30, 2011

Ton van Gaalen – Team Lead Change Robeco
“Over a period of just a few months Leo has managed to recover an infrastructure project that
was way of target. Under very challenging circumstances and against the odds he really came
through and delivered more then expected. He’s pro-active, hands-on with an eye for the
big picture and he covers those easily overlooked but important details.
As a project manager I consider Leo highly recommended.”
LinkedIn, August 23, 2011

Hans Sluijter – Senior Projectmanager Robeco
“Leo proved to be a result driven project manager, with strong capabilities in relationship and
stakeholder management. Supported by a thorough theoretical background (Prince & IPMA),
Leo manages to apply a practical approach throughout the process, without him losing sight of
the goal of the project. Leo encourages people for better results and Leo manages to create
a pleasant atmosphere within the project.
I particularly like Leo’s attitude of considering the glass half full, instead of half empty.”
LinkedIn, August 17, 2011